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Healing Touch Program
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"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel  both.....
Two roads diverged in
a wood, and I -

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the diffence."

The Road Not Taken

by Robert Frost

another path


Other Healing Therapies

Devotion to The Divine Mother

As our spirit is balanced by our devotion to the Divine Mother, it opens the door for our other bodies, the physical, emotional and mental to also become balanced.  Learn more ...       

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

The goal in hypnosis, as well as in meditation, is to access the subconscious, the part of our mind that lies beneath ordinary consciousness. The subconscious functions at a level deeper than our usual level of awareness, that is, mental processes occur without our conscious perception of them.  Learn More ...

RoHunTM is an interpersonal therapy that utilizes an individual’s spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation.  RoHun’sTM in-depth and thorough processes tap into the unconscious regions of the mind to surface and release negative thoughts, constructs, and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage the Self.  Learn more ...  


Reiki can provide quiet, steady support for all levels of healing and growth.  It can transform your lifestyle into a healthful one.  With the help of Reiki you can choose new ways of being that invite balance, harmony and wholeness into your life.  Learn More ...

Nutritious Healing Traditions

Recipes created  based on Dr. Price’s discoveries of the healthy traditional foods eaten by traditional cultures before the advent of refined foods that started in the early 20th century.  Learn More ...
Lotus Bowl
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